Vrijdag 08 februari 2019

Locatie: Dansschool Wim Lier, Scheveningseveer 21, Den Haag

20.00 -22.00 uur Ladies technique

Zaterdag 09 februari 2019

Locatie: Tango Moooves, Binckhorstlaan 135, Den Haag

15.30-17.30 uur Ladies technique/Men technique

17.30-18.45 (vegetarisch) diner (apart voor opgeven)

18.45 -20.45 uur Ladies technique/Men technique

21.00 -1.00 uur salon

Zondag 10 februari 2019

Locatie: Tango Moooves, Binckhorstlaan 135, Den Haag

13.30-15.30 uur Ladies technique/Men technique       

Thema's die aan bod zullen komen:

*Posture, control of heels, balance and walking styles

Importance of the center and the hip as tools of power, response and connection. How to find a comfortable and personal position that allows you to start developing your own style of movement and dance. (women)

*Types of turn and ochos,

Two of the most important points of the female dance, its different styles and variants, application and technique for each case. How, where and when to use each one. (women)

*Musicality and awareness of rhythm, its different variants, differences among orchestras, ways to use it, development of quality, dynamics and pause (both roles)

*Connection, sensitivity, notion of circularity in the dance.

Discover how to dance from the two most powerful centers of your body. Special workshop to guide and receive, learn to create something unique with each partner, The follower does much more to follow and the leader much more to guide, that is what we will discover in this class. (both roles)

Workshops van 2 uur

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Korting bij directe betaling

1 workshop € 25,-    

1 workshop € 22,50

2 workshops € 47,50    

2 workshops € 42,-

3 workshops € 70,-    

3 workshops € 60,-

4 workshops € 92,50    

4 workshops € 80,-

Entree salon: € 5,-

Diner: € 17,50