Vrijdag 24 mei 2019

Locatie: Scheveningseveer 21 , 2514 HB Den Haag

20.00 -21.30 uur Lady styling/Men technique

Zaterdag 25 mei 2019

Locatie: Scheveningseveer 21 , 2514 HB Den Haag

16.00 -17.30 uur Lady styling/Men technique

17.30-19.00 (vegetarisch) diner (apart voor opgeven)

19.00 -20.30 uur Lady styling/Men technique

Zondag 26 mei 2019


14.00-15.30 uur Ladystyling/Men technique


Het workshopprogramma heeft verschillende onderdelen en kunnen allemaal gevolgd worden op eigen niveau. Een partner is niet noodzakelijk.

Theme workshops:

1. The three Fundamentals of Tango and its development from spirals: march, eights and turns.

This will be an important course since it will act as a basis for the development of the concepts that will be developed during the whole weekend of workshops, it will be an evolutionary class for those who have participated in previous courses and it will be fundamental for all the new participants

2. Embellishments and decorations for both roles (female and male) for the march, the pivot and the pause.

3. Boleos: low and high, different types, the technique, how to guide them, how to understand the different proposals and how to integrate them on the dance .

4. The movements inside and outside the Axis, how to play with balance and imbalance within the couple for the creation of movements. Module 1 of the concept of Volcadas.

* All courses are for both roles (women and men), it is a cours to work in the individual technique and deep knowledge of the functioning of each role.
* It is not necessary to register with a partner. It is recommended to go with comfortable clothes, shoes and socks. 👠👞🧦
* In each course we work in deep technique and / or research, so it is advisable (but optional) to attend with a notebook and a pencil. ️ ✏️ 📒